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How to Start Real Estate Investing With NO Money

Here are The 3 Steps I took to Become a Real Estate Investor

The 3 Steps to Success (When Starting From Zero)
1. Bird Dog
2. Wholesaler
3. Investor (Buy Houses Yourself)
Bird Dog Apprentice-How to Start DOING DEALS
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Dan Breslin
Founder, Diamond Equity Investments
3 Steps to Become a Real Estate Investor (Starting from $0)
1. Bird Dog
-A bird dog is a person who finds opportunity for other investors to step in with cash and buy.  A
Bird Dog typically receives a $500 fee for providing the information that lead to a completed transaction.  

Becoming a Bird Dog is a great way to get started in the business-because you are risking no money while you
begin working in the investment community.

I created the Bird Dog Apprentice Course to help you get started.  I'll send you that course FREE ($97

2. Wholesaler-A Wholesaler is like a "middle man" who finds DEALS for other investors to buy.  A
wholesaler negotiates with the Seller, contracts to purchase the property, & negotiates with an end buyer (an Investor)
who steps in and closes the transaction.  The Wholesaler receives an "assignment fee" from the end buyer for putting
the transaction together.

As a Bird Dog your goal is to become a wholesaler as soon as you have enough knowledge and experience.  Being
a successful wholesaler opens doors for you as you learn how to negotiate

Most people who try Wholesaling and fail-fail because they never learn what a DEAL is.  

By becoming a successful Bird Dog, you will gain experience in finding DEALS before you ever try to negotiate
directly with a Seller.  

You will also build your contacts with investors and know where they are buying houses and what prices they will pay.  

This will be a HUGE advantage to you when you begin Wholesaling your own DEALS.

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3. Investor (Buy Houses Yourself)- Once you master wholesaling and you BECOME A
, you will be in position to begin finding money sources to fund your own DEALS.  Being the
Source of

Funding DEALS is EASY once you have established CREDIBILITY.  

When you reach Step 3 you will begin buying your own DEALS.  
Because you first master wholesaling, you will enjoy your steady Source of DEALS to choose from-whether you are
buying for: rentals, retail flips, or wholesale fees!!

You'll Discover How to Become a Source of DEALS in The Bird Dog Apprentice.
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Here's How I Started Real Estate Investing from ZERO!!
In 2006 I was laid off from a minimum wage job and didn't even have a car.  

I figured I would go into real estate.  It seemed logical, even though
I had no evidence or any reason that this
thing would succeed.  

The only real estate experience I had up to that time was signing a lease on an apartment-and I DIDN'T EVEN GET

But I did know that if it worked, it was going to change my life forever-and it has.  Since I had no knowledge on the
business I read as many real estate books as I could find and took a few seminars. I had to borrow the money to pay
for the seminars.  

The seminar teacher said to call Seller ads in the newspaper for houses that people were trying to sell.  I called a few
and one guy answered and I told him what I was trying to do (find a house to flip).  

He told me the numbers wouldn't work on the house he was selling but invited me to come out to a networking event
where he introduced me around as if I had known him forever.  

That single phone call changed my life.

Over the next few months I found several DEALS which I brought to his attention.  The first few were Wholesale
DEALS where he stepped in, paid me a fee, and bought the houses.  

Within 12 months of that first phone call he funded my first 3 rehab deals, partnered on me with 2 more and bought 2
more.  Today we complete 1-2 DEALS per month together and they are all fix & flip Retail DEALS.

My mission is to help others (like you) get started in wholesaling.   Are You Ready for a Change?

A Recent Bird Dog Apprentice: Jon's Story

A recent Bird Dog, Jon, started working with me July 2013.  He is 23, just graduated from college, and was working
as a bank teller when he approached me and asked me to mentor him.  He started off as a Bird Dog.  

He put a business card with a handwritten note (I want to Buy Your House, Call me) in the mail slot of a vacant house
near his girlfriend's.  3 weeks later the owner called him and 3 weeks after that Jon received a check at the closing.

Now Jon is a Full Time Wholesaler and completes several DEALS every month.  

He no longer works at the bank and He is a Full Time Real Estate Wholesaler.

Jon now Makes More Money in a few Hours than He used to Make in 3 Months!!

Check out the interview of Jon-Included in The Bird Dog Apprentice Program.  
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