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  • “As Is”– You Make NO Repairs!
  • Quick Cash Closing–NO Mortgage Companies delaying Closing!
  • No Agent Fees–NO Commissions
    & NO Hidden Costs!
  • We’ll Even Handle the Cleanout!
    Leave Unwanted Items Behind!!

Seller Reviews

Diane said, “You would buy it “As-Is” & I knew there were a few problems with the house. Didn’t go with an agent because that would take too long.”

Hannah said, “Owner lives overseas, so it took longer to get the documents…that caused the delay.  You gave us money in advance.  $15,000.  Which was really helpful to us.  Thank you Al.”

Craig said, “She couldn’t handle the repairs or keeping up with the tax payments.  I’ve got.. a real estate background-Actually, it’s probably the SMOOTHEST TRANSACTION I’ve ever seen!”

Deanna said, “On the market about 3 months, it just wasn’t moving.  The fact that it was being sold “as-is”…super easy, super easy process.  Diamond Equity was pretty quick about it and responded very fast!”

Barbara & Lou said, “Very honest, very straightforward.  You made it very easy on us.  We didn’t have to do that much thinking about the property and all the paperwork was taken care of…I appreciate that.”

Steven said, “Been renting it out for 23 years..had a situation with tenant..difficult to get her out of there.. would have been impossible to sell with the tenant being in there.  “

RL & Debbie said, “I felt good about it-I wanted to get my money pretty quick and be done with it.  Tired of keeping up the house for somebody else to live in.”

Geraldo said, “Property needed some upgrades.  Appreciate y’all for real-especially Christian!!  No problems-and I’m NO PAID ACTOR-I’m being honest.”

Nick & Donna said, “We needed to downsize.  It’s a Quicker, Faster Process! No problems, so nice, it was actually enjoyable!”

Earnest said, “Prompt & personal attention.  With the fair offer… wouldn’t make any sense NOT to sell. Ended up needing more time-you were flexible

Diane & Gene said, “Easy closing, No Hassle-been real smooth. If you come from dealing with traditional selling…I don’t know about this-it may be too good to be true-I wasn’t used to it BEING EASY..”

Carol said, “The house is too big.  Too many stairs. That was my big reason…I asked for extra time-the closing date was set earlier-but you gave me an extra two weeks-so I could get everything I needed outta there.”

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*Guarantee Details-Guarantee payout amount set by Diamond Equity Investments Acquisition Manager according to the agreed purchase price of the house. Typical guarantee amount is between 1%-5% of the purchase price. Guarantee limited to instances where Diamond Equity Investments, or it’s subsidiaries, do not perform (ie Close) on the contract. In instances where the closing must be delayed due to title clearance issues, occupancy issues, weather conditions, or acts of God, the Guarantee will not be paid, as Diamond Equity Investments would be considered still performing on the agreement.