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Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities
About the "Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities"
"Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities" are short term (6-12
Month term) high interest first position mortgages.  The funds are used to
purchase and renovate real estate.  That real estate is then either sold or
refinanced with low interest, long term debt, depending on the strategy of the

Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities
  • 6 Months to 1 Year Return of Capital
  • Secured by 1st Position Mortgage & Note (Available for Review)
  • 10% Annualized Interest
  • 90 Days Minimum Interest.-Some Investments Return Capital in 3-6 Weeks
  • Earn Additional Origination Fee (Points) on Certain Investments

Requirements of Private Lender/Investor:
  • Accredited Investor* (See Brief Definition Below)
  • One Investor Per Deal.  Any Investment Must be Funded Completely by You
  • Ready to Wire Investment 24 Hours Prior to Funding/Closing Date

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About Diamond Equity Investments
We buy and renovate houses in Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA,
Miami, FL & Tampa, FL.  Our organization closes 35 deals per month.  We buy,
renovate, and resell those homes topeople who will live in the property-thereby
accomplishing our companymission "To Promote Home Ownership by Buying,
Renovating, & SellingHouses to People who Will Make them their Homes"

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"Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities"
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Let's face it.  Today's interest rates at the
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"Investing in Real Estate is too much
Work & too much Risk"

How to Protect Your Investment
*Accredited Investor-Must be One of the Following
  • $1 Million Net Worth Excluding Your Home
  • $200K Per Year, Past 2 Years, and Expected to Continue
  • $300K Per Year, Past 2 Years, if Filing Married
  • For Complete Rule see Sec Rule 501of Regulation D
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